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Wednesday, 09/16/2009, 09:24 GMT+7
Inspiring local communities in poor southern province of Vietnam- Tra Vinh in using computer and Internet for better quality of life

"This is not just giving computer and Internet access but adding values to the lives of local communities” - Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Tra Vinh province Nguyen Van Phong spoke at the Launch of the training course in held September 7, 2009.

Nearly 50 trainees from 33 communal cultural post offices and public libraries of the province has been inspired to start first week training course on basic computer and Internet Skills. They will become skillful in serving their clients in the local communities in exploring relevant and useful information through Internet access provided at the public access points.

The Training on computer usage and Internet access for staff will be followed by that for to local communities. This is one content of the pilot project “Improving Computer usage and Internet Access in Vietnam” funded by the Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation. Those staff who got training will become goodwill ambassadors to serve the communities in getting more people engaged in knowledge driven economy.

Being poorest provinces of Vietnam with more than 30% of the population is the ethnic minorities (Khmer), the Leader of Tra Vinh province pay high attention to the ICT in its socio-economic development.   This has been confirmed in the inspiring speech of Mr. Bui Chi Hung, Deputy Director of the Department of Information and Communication of Tra Vinh province. “We are working with various government agencies of the province and of mass organizations in selecting the right candidate for the training at local level ensuring fairness, the equity and representativeness”.

Joining the Launch from Hanoi were Mr. Nguyen Van Son, Vietnam Post (VN - Post), Ms Diep, the Department of the Library of the Ministry of Culture Post and Tourism, Mr. Thien, Editor in Chief of the Vietnam Post Newspaper, Mr. Phong, Project Management Unit (PMU)  director and other specialists from PMU.

News about the Launch is informed by Tra Vinh Newspaper, Tra Vinh television, other news agency and more importantly, advocacy activities were conducted at local level prior to the Launch.

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Nguyễn Thu Huệ


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